truMD Billing Solutions is a full-service medical billing agency. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and support to our clients through the use of advanced technology and quality customer care.

Do you need Better Billing?

Ask yourself the following:

  • What is your current DSO?
  • What percentage of your billing charges are collectible?
  • How do your patients feel about your billing company?
  • Are your price tables and contracts updated annually?
  • Do you have a transparent and trusting relationship with your current biller?
  • What is your Clean Claim Submission Rate?
  • Does your current biller help you increase your practice revenue?
  • Are your unpaid claims resolved quickly?

  The credentialing process begins with reviewing your specific network needs or an evaluation of the top payers in your area.  Our Credentialing team gathers all necessary documents from the provider and contacts the insurance companies to begin the application process.  For the most part credentialing is not hard; however, it is very time consuming..  After submitting the applications, timely follow-up with the payers is crucial to ensure they were received. We give bi-weekly status updates to the client to keep them informed throughout the process until an effective date of enrollment is determined and a contract is received and executed, so the provider can begin claim submission.  Our credentialing services will have your practice signed with payors quicker than any other credentialing service.